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Professor Sten Lennquist passed away on the 10th of November 2023 at the age of 86. He was active in research and teaching until the very end. Sten lived by a motto given by his mother when he was young: “The most important things in life, and what gives you the most satisfaction, are the not the things you get and take, but the things you give and do.”

He had an honest passion for teaching and sharing his wisdom and ideas. He was given numerous honorary positions from the societies that he was involved in. His passing leaves a great emptiness and sadness for us who had the privilege to work close to him.

Sten was the initiator of the development of the MACSIM system together with his daughter PhD Kristina Lennquist Montan. Sten lived an extraordinary professional and private life filled with exiting adventures of which MACSIM and the MRMI courses were important parts. We are forever grateful. What he gave to and did for this world shall never be forgotten.

What is MACSIM?

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MACSIM®is a scientifically based simulation system with the aim to improve the preparedness for, and response to, major incidents and disasters.

MACSIM is used as:

  • A tool for education and training of knowledge and skills on all levels:
    • from training of triage and primary management of individual casualties on basic level
    • to advanced simultaneous interactive training of the whole chain of response
    • for all categories of staff involved
  • A tool for testing and quality- assurance of preparedness, organization and performance
  • A tool for scientific evaluation and development of methodology on all levels of the response

Based on extensive experience

MACSIM is developed by an international group of experts in Disaster Medicine from several countries under leadership of Professor Sten Lennquist, well recognized for his contributions in this field, with commitments from the Swedish Government, the European Union (EU), the World Health Organization (WHO) and several countries in different parts of the world. He was also the initiator and developer of the Emergo-Train System, launched 1984, of which MACSIM is a further development.

Carefully tested and scientifically validated

MACSIM was launched 2009 and has since then been used for international training of more than 2500 professionals, mainly within health-care, but also collaborating agencies like rescue-service/ fire brigade, police and military. It has so far generated the establishment of ten international training centers in different countries where it also is extensively used in national training.

The accuracy of MACSIM as a training tool has been scientifically validated in collaboration with educational expertise in a prospective study on 230 qualified trainees from 23 different countries. The trainees´ self-assessed knowledge and skills in 19 different areas directly related to the course-objectives was registered immediately before (blue columns in the figure) and immediately after (red columns) the training. The difference was highly significant in all parameters.

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Lennquist-Montán K et al, American Journal of Disaster Medicine 2015; 10(2) :93-107

  • If you too want to belong to the category of staff with knowledge and skills according to the red columns above and not the blue columns, register today for a course based on this system.
  • If you are a decision- maker with responsibility for health-care (which includes mass-casualty response), fulfill this responsibility by providing your staff with scientifically validated training before the incident happens.

Other advantages with MACSIM compared to other simulation systems

In addition to the fact that MACSIM is based on broad international experience and thoroughly scientifically validated, it has several practical advantages compared so other systems within this field:

  • It combines interactive “live “performance with computerized information, which gives a very realistic training /testing of decision making on all levels as well as communication, coordination and command
  • It is based on injuries from real scenarios, increasing the realism
  • It supplies information detailed enough to properly determine the accuracy of every decision made, also on individual casualty-level
  • It is – even for advanced training/testing - easy to set up, without any need of expensive and space-consuming magnetic whiteboards

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The system is today based on pre-printed and laminated magnetic films, supplied either

  • in rolls to be attached to any background, or
  • attached to thin but rigid PVC-boards which can be placed on ordinary conference-tables

You can select the boards you need, and even get boards adapted to your local organization/facilities. The most advanced use, training the whole chain or response simultaneously as in the MRMI-course, requires 48 boards 2x 1 m but can be packed in one single box and set-up ready for use in less than hour.

Description of MACSIM

MACSIM as a tool for advanced interactive training is described in the video. (click me)