MACSIM as a tool for training

As a training tool, MACSIM can be used on all levels, and for all categories involved, in the response to major incidents and disasters:

  • For training of primary management of individual, severely injured patients on under-graduate and basic postgraduate, levels
  • For training of triage in major incidents on basic postgraduate level
  • For training of triage and primary management (diagnosis and treatment) of severely injured in major incidents on advanced post-graduate level
  • For interactive training of the prehospital and/or the hospital response to major incidents on post-graduate level
  • For simultaneous interactive training of the whole chain of response for all categories of involved staff, also in command- and coordinating functions (example: the MRMI-courses, Medical Response to Major Incidents & Disasters)

MACSIM as a training tool is not tied to, and does not teach, any specific organization or methodology but can be adapted to, and used to train:

  • any organization
  • any methodology
  • in any country (either in English or translated to local language)

One exception from this is the MRMI-course, which is a highly standardized course with the aim to teach a uniform organization, terminology and methodology, according to principles most frequently used in the European countries.

The website-video from 2012 illustrates the use of a combination of pre-printed magnetic films and traditional whiteboards. The magnetic films have now completely replaced the whiteboards and significantly facilitated the use of the system.